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august 25-26-27, 2023

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Visit the unique concerts

On Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday evening August 27, 2023, the coaches and their very talented students will give concerts in the cozy church of Grolloo. Different styles of music pass by. You will hear what is possible on the flute and of course on the flutes made in Grolloo by Eva Kingma. The entrance fee is € 10.00 and this benefits, among other things, the church. The start is at 8 p.m. Unfortunately, reservation is not possible.

Dates and times are mentioned in the contributions below. Changes may still occur. So keep an eye on publications.


Want to experience a Masterclass?


Open Masterclasses in Grolloo village hall "Het Markehuis" between 9:30/12:30, every day from 22 to 27 August.

Open Performance classes in village hall "Het Markehuis" of Grolloo between 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm, every day from 22 to 27 August.

In consultation with the relevant participant, a private lesson can also be attended.

You are welcome during the classes. At least when you can be present in silence, because of course lessons are given. It is a special experience to see how young people, in addition to a normal music lesson, learn to discover the possibilities of their instrument here. How making music and its quality not only determine a performance. Appearance, your presentation, is equally important. These aspects and more are addressed during the sessions. The breaks are for the students and the coaches and they desperately need them.

The Sessions

Matthias Ziegler, Ian Clarke and Wissam Boustany present an innovative flute course, with the support of Kamelia Miladinova and Eva Kingma.

The Grolloo team has high priority in creating a welcoming spirit of learning and sharing ideas among all participants, regardless of age or skill. So far, participants have come from all over the world and have ranged from students who were about to start a music academy, graduates from leading music institutions, to professional artists and teachers.
Participants will discuss many performance and practice problems and experiment in fully interactive discussions and workshops.
The timing of the course during the late summer allows students and professionals to get back into shape for the new musical season.

Participants from all over the world


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